Protonet Messenger – Featureset

The Protonet Messenger for iOS and Android enables you to read and send messages, photos, videos and share your current location while all files remain on your Protonet server.

All features:

  • Private messages
    • read, send messages
  • Location sharing
  • Group chats
    • read, send messages
  • Create groups (if you have the User or  Administrator role)
    • manage members
  • Topics
    • read, send messages
    • create
    • manage members
  • Receive push notifications
    • Private messages
    • @-notifications from group chats and topics
  • Send and receive photos and videos

I do not receive push notifications

Push notifications are usually send right after the last private message or an @-mention.

The recipient is not online active in SOUL via the web browser

If this is not the issue, please check wether

  1. Push-notifications are activated under Settings > Notifications in SOUL
  2. The iOS/Android notifications on your mobile phone are activated
  3. There really was a trigger for a push notification that you should have received, like a private message or a group or topic message containing an @-mention in bold text.

Login to Messenger is failing?

When encountering problems, please check if:

  1. an update for the Messenger app is available
  2. the server has the current software version of SOUL installed
  3. the same login credentials work on the app and on the web interface (email-address (!)+ Protonet password)
  4. there are no typos in the server address and login credentials
  5. there is any umlaut in the Protonet password – our apps cannot handle these currently
  6. the Protonet server is not using a *
    The messenger is designed to only connect to Protonet servers with valid SSL certificates.
  7. the mobile device is updated to a current or recent operating system