Mobile File Synchronisation Using WebDAV Navigator

You can use WebDAV Navigator to access data easily from anywhere on iOS or Android devices.

Multiple transfer destinations can be selected and the desired data synchronised with the server at the press of a button.

This functions in both directions and is fully configurable.

The following videos show to establish a connection to the Protonet Box and choose a destination for synchronisation. A group with the name “Smartphone” and a folder with the name “Pictures” is created on a testbox for this purpose.



Synchronise Smartphones Photos with a Protonet Solution

PhotoSync is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers image/video transmission (for different purposes) at the press of a button as well as fully automated data transfer.

At least one transfer destination is specified and the content of the selected image folder transferred in either a manual or location-dependent fashion. The program can ascertain whether a WLAN connection is required and whether (for example) the image quality should be reduced during mobile data transfer, or videos should remain unsynchronised.


How-to link existing files into the chat

This video includes

  • Creating a user in an existing goupd
  • Uploading files into this new folder via SOUL and the queueing
  • Adding users already registered to the group
  • Using the chat including the @All notification
  • Linking an existing file into the chat by using the switch “Share existing files”

SOUL Backup in progress

  1. How-to check the status of a SOUL backup in progress