mprove 17.11.2015 - 12:08

How to update previews for images?

If "Preview generation failed" for some images in the Files section, how do I trigger a new attempt. (The images are ok, they render properly in full browser window size.)

Last modified: 29.01.2016 - 15:21

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markus_b 17.11.2015 - 13:55

Hello mprove,

first you can try to delete the whole image cache from your browser and make a hard reload.

Otherwise you can connect via finder to your protonetbox and enable “showing of hidden files”. Then you will see a “.protonet” folder. In this place are the thumbnails for preview stored. You can delete this folder and refresh the page in your browser.

This should help.

Best regards;

Markus B.

mprove 17.11.2015 - 15:00

Good. Deleteing blabla/.protonet solved the issue.