mprove 10.04.2016 - 20:43

online/offline status of users

Did you change the status indicator whether a user is online or offline? It used to be a coloured vs. bw icon. Now all users are coloured all the time.

Last modified: 18.04.2016 - 21:30

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Micha 18.04.2016 - 21:30

The issue got fixed in SOUL 2.12.1:
“A change in latest Safari webbrowser lead to any user avatars were being shown as if they were online. Now offline users are being shown in grey again.”

Micha 11.04.2016 - 14:24

Hi mprove, no WE didn’t. But in latest Safari version something was changed, which has lead to the issue, that using Safari you cannot see any longer at first glance, if someone is really online. We are going to publish SOUL 2.12.1 within the next days, which will correct this matter again, so that offline user are seen in grey colors again. Best wishes Micha