SOUL 2.12.1


Optimizations and fixes (stable/87) – 13.04.2016

New Setup & Onboarding Steps

  • The initial setup wizard now concludes in the group created during the process
  • There is a new onboarding topic on how to invite new users
  • If a user is member one group only, the group overview screen is no longer shown


Changes & Optimizations

  • On Mac computers the AFP protocol can now only be used for TimeMachine backups, not for Protonet file access via Finder. SMB has been the standard for Finder integration since SOUL 2.5. How to connect via SMB is shown on the SOUL help page.
  • Files in the preview screen are now sorted like they are in the containing folder
  • The description how to connect to the Protonet server using Windows Explorer has been updated reflecting latest Windows version
  • A SOUL API link is now displayed in the browser’s developer console
  • We removed the Send button for mobile devices in any chats which was introduced in SOUL 2.12. It led to comfortability issues for users with touch screen devices who could no longer send messages via keyboards.
    Now pressing the return key on the keyboard acts like before: Enter sends the message instead of doing a line break. Keyboard users can still use Shift + Enter for doing line breaks.
  • A change in latest Safari webbrowser lead to any user avatars were being shown as if they were online. Now offline users are being shown in grey again.



  • WebDAV connections no longer fail in 3rd-party apps like GoodReader in case there are files with a file size of 0 bytes
  • Downloads via public links in Protonet solutions running with a custom domain or DynDNS address no longer fail
  • The last-modified date of uploaded files does now reflect the viewers timezone instead of the one set on the  Protonet server
  • Files with the ending PDF are no longer being downloaded automatically