• Speed, Bugfixes & Features (stable/120)

Prerequisite for this update is an active SOUL+ contract and a Protonet server with SOUL version stable/xxx. You will see the version after logging into your SOUL on the help page.


Reworked inbox notifications for private chats – now has it’s own section

We have added a tab for “Private Chats” to the notifications stream – so you can see at a glance if there are new messages for you. This feature is especially relevant in combination with the new SOUL mobile app, which we will release soon.

Disable Daily Digest for the full box

Via the “Daily Digests”, users of your box will be informed via mail about everything that happened in the last 24 hours, in which they were offline. For improved privacy, you can now as SOUL-Admin under “Settings> General” now restrict the contained information to placeholders or completely disable it.

Notifications for quick replies

  • Better quick replies when replying to long texts
  • Better private messages search experience
  • Faster access to the notification sidebar
  • Added Proto Bot functionality for upcoming functionality (connect SOUL to Github and many other systems)
  • Completely reworked the todo drag and drop functionality
  • Implemented a series of performance improvements accross the system


Further optimizations and bugfixes

  • Fixed issue with group messages sometimes not being accessible through the notification sidebar
  • Fixed issue with Notes not being correctly scrollable
  • Fixed issue with Public Links not being clickable in some cases
  • Fixed issue with only being able to access 1000 notes, topics and shares
  • Fixed several Kanban Board issues
  • Fixed private task creation
  • Fixed a series of “Translation Missing” issues
  • Fixed Firefox stuck scrolling
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t add messages to a todo without reloading
  • Fixed a series of issues with the Trash not working as expected
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to move a private event to a group


Improvements on the SOUL Mobile App

  • Added functionality for: groups, topics and documents
  • Sharing images from the camera roll inline
  • Added reply functionality to messages
  • Added the option to delete messages
  • Added the option to update messages (dependent on the latest release for the web app)
  • Added the option to share the location (also dependent on the latest release for the web app), and sharing contacts
  • Long pressing notification items now shows a preview of its stream, and it’s possible to mark them as read/unread by swiping right
  • A long list of miscellaneous bug fixes



We hope you enjoy these changes and, as always, we welcome your feedback and feature requests that you can submit or vote for here!

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