Starting June,7th old SOUL versions can’t be longer reached via addresses


Update: We changed the date to June, 7th.

Starting June,th, servers cannot longer be accessed by their addresses via the internet if the SOUL version is too old.

Any servers are affected, which haven’t been updated for at least 6 months. These are still running SOUL 2.9 (stable/80) or older.

Please check and update your Protonet server.


If you are affected and your server is no longer available due to these changes:

  • It takes a maximum of 30 minutes after the server got updated to lates SOUL version until you can reach it again via the address.
  • Please get in touch with Support, in case of any issues during the update or if the server still cannot be reached after 30 minutes.


Why are we introducing these changes?
  • Within each SOUL update we provide a mix of new functionalities, optimizations, bugfixes and – if necessary – security related updates or changes. Only if you keep your server updated we can provide the best possible protection of your data. Unfortunately we have learned, servers are not update regularly by any owmer:
    Eg. we have deployed critical security related changes within SOUL 2.11   and informed about this via various communication channels, that this update should be installed at the soonest. But in support cases we still run into servers with older SOUL versions.
  • Protonet Support can only fully assist you if servers are updated to latest SOUL software. Doing so avoids running into behaviour already fixed or optimized.