SOUL 2.10


Link preview, Widgets – (stable/81 – 83) – 01.12.2015



New: Widgets for the last 3 active topics and Todos.

All widgets are now updated in real time. If, for example, an image is uploaded, it is displayed immediately after the upload has been completed.

2.10_2 If a URL is posted, SOUL additionally produces – if possible – a title, description and a picture. If the URL directly points to an image, it will be directly attached to the message


Better visualization of whether a message has actually been sent. 2.10_3
2.10_4 The task filter “Deadline reached” has been extended by the selection option of assigned persons
  • The SOUL underlying web server no longer waits for the first user request before it starts but is immediately accessible at any time. Reloading the page in the morning is therefore no longer necessary.
  • SOUL services have been optimized to achieve less resource consumption while delivering higher performance. The speed, especially under high load, could be increased immensely.
  • A corresponding notification is now created for reopened tasks: Micha Weber has reopened the task: “SOUL 2.10 Release Notes”
  • The file upload window has moved to the left and can no longer overlap the message stream
  • The file size limitation of 4 GB, which was in place for zip files when downloading whole folders or several files, has been lifted.
  • The requirements for the use of the upcoming new Protonet Sync app have been created.
  • The search index is maintained differently now and therefore the indexing at the start of the PROTONET solution is waived, so that SOUL is ready earlier. If the indexing of new objects has not yet been completed, this is displayed in the search mask.
  • When a backup is restored, it is automatically detected that SOUL has been restarted and the window is reloaded.
  • The menu for folders, for example, for deletion, now refers to the currently open directory, not the entire folder.
  • The menu point “Support” in the system settings is now called “Maintenance”. The maintenance password can be generated here.

Troubleshooting & Improvements

  • After creating new objects, they are no longer sporadically displayed twice.
  • After deactivating an all-day event, the correct end date is displayed
  • No new chat window will be opened if you are already in conversation with the same persons (but they were added in different order).
  • The correct end date is displayed in the week view in the calendar
  • The Box Status Overview has been extended by a test of the database update and a corresponding display.
  • Duplicate groups now transfer all authorizations, including the owner rights.
  • The Files widget can now also work with files that contain line breaks in the filename.
  • Temporary files created by Microsoft Office are no longer stored in the Recycle Bin.
  • No e-mail notices will be sent for archived events.

SOUL 2.10.2 – Link Preview, Widgets – (stable/83) – 21.12.2015

  • A rare error that could occur in very deep file folder structures has been fixed. Affected systems have shown too much workload on memory usage, which could have an impact on other services. We strongly recommend that customers, with many nested file extensions install this update.
  • SOUL Administrators have again the possibility to change group ownerships.
  • Small, invisible optimization work was carried out