Since SOUL 2.7 (stable / 73), it is possible to use a separate SMTP server for the outgoing notification mails. The following instruction manual is a complement to the technical configuration guide for Linux technicians and advanced computer users.


  1. As a SOUL Administrator, create a maintenance password in the system settings
  2. Download Cyberduck
  3. Download the Protonet configuration templates for the external SMTP connection
  4. Login information for the email inbox account and the SMTP server settings of the mail output server to be integrated. You can find examples here: “Customize SMTP configuration files”. The mail provider should be able to supply the missing information.


Detailed steps

  1. Extract the Tar-File. Keep the file structure as shown on the picture:
    On Mac-OS, just double-click on the “smtp_structure.tar” file to extract it. On Windows a file-compress program like 7-Zip will be needed.Download
  2. Open the configuration files with a text editor. Enter the values of email inbox and mail output server.
  3. Connect via Cyberduck with the Protonet solution:
  4. Download (1)
    SFTP (SSH Verbindung)
    Server : Internal IP address of the server
    Port: 22
    *User name: protonet
    Password: Maintenance password
    Path: /etc/protonet*In Soul with version soul3/xxxx, the username is “platform” instead
  5. Copy the “mail” folder, with the modified configuration files to the server:
    Please do not make any further changes here!If the folders are accidentally copied to an incorrect location, this is not a problem. Instead of trying to delete them by your own, we recommend to contact a Linux specialist. Erasing incorrect files / folders here can lead to data loss!
  6. Turn off and restart the Protonet Box using the On-button.
  7. Test whether e-mail notifications and invitations are sent.