SOUL 2.14


Sort widgets, show invitations on users page, Todos API – 20.05.2016


  • You can move the widgets using drag and drop
Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-18 um 14.49.07
 Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-19 um 17.29.03
    • In the user list you now can also lookup the not yet registered users. Also there is a new filter “Show only invitations” listing only the outstanding email invitations*
  • The group list seen in any group now got extended by a “Show all” switch. Before only the favourite groups were shown.
 Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-18 um 15.10.21
Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-18 um 15.11.54
  • You can choose the Deadlines-events now as a widget.
  • You find the Deadlines-events now also in the “Upcoming events” widget.
  • Protonet REST API got extended by todos
 Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-19 um 12.47.47



  • Notes are shown in list view
  • You can no longer access archived group folders via Samba and WebDAV
  • Box status: “System temperature” was renamed to “Processor temperature”
  • Communication streams: If you post links with syntax  “[alphanumeric character];//” like eg. “prof://abcArt_Abc/2/12301000000590?prog=C:/PROFERP/&&mandant=C:\\WEEKEND.DAT\\&&page=1” these are recognized now and can be clicked further
  • Communication streams: Link previews are shown according to the URL (instead of pointing to og:url)
  • Calendar: You find week view now starting on Monday for English and German language setting
  • Calendar: Using English language settings you will find the am/pm time notation now
  • Calendar: Event start and end times can now be set in 5 minutes intervals
  • Chrome only: können ganze Ordnerstrukturen via Drag n’ drop in SOUL gezogen werden
  • Chrome only: Screenshots in the clipboard can be directly pasted into the communication streams
  • iOS: The “Download all” button has been removed from public links.



  • Help site: The link to the instructions for “finder integration” works again
  • Calendar: You will find any events again in the SOUL view, also the ones, which might have been missed on Sundays
  • Calendar/WebCAL: For “All day” events the missing last day is seen again in external calendars
  • In the search results you will find the result’s location correctly (was missing sometimes)
  • After removing a volume within SOUL, this directly is no longer shown to any users in the webinterface. But in Explorer/Finder the volume is still seen until the server is getting restarted


*Further details regarding “In the user liste you now can also lookup the not yet registered users. Also there is a new filter “Show only invitations” listing only the outstanding email invitations”:

  • Users invited can only be looked up by any SOUL administrators or other group members of the group, the invitation was sent from. Only administrators or group owners can lookup the invitation link.
  • If a user has been invited to multiple groups, he is listed as often, as being invited. After registration the user is subscribed to any of these groups automatically. Requirement: The same email address has been taken for any invitations.