OS X El Capitan: Editing Office 2016 files via WebDAV is no longer possible


We learned, that using current Microsoft Office 2016 (15.24) on Mac OS “El Capitan”* you can still open files from finder via WebDAV but will find these write protected.  If you then duplicate the files – as requested or save it under a different name this leads to a new but empty file – without any content!

This is a general issue and according to this Microsoft Community thread it will be fixed in Apple’s next operating system “macosSierra”.

We could reproduce both – the issue on El Capitan as well as the solution on macosSierra:

We suggest you meanwhile open Office files via WebDAV but then store and edit locally. Afterwards you can easily reupload them to the WebDAV share in finder by using a little trick:

Of course you can also upload files you have been working on also via SOUL or use our ProtoSync App to have the files being synchronized to the server and afterwards move them to the correct place.

For Servers running on own domains (instead of listening to a address) you could open Samba port 445 also for web access instead of using WebDAV.


*We do not know yet, if older Office or Mac versions are affected, too. Regarding 3rd party software Protonet Support is focussing on latest versions.