ProtoSync 1.0


ProtoSync_ExplorerProtoSync, our file synchronization app for Windows and OS X systems, is general available now.

The app can be downloaded from the files section within Protonet SOUL by any registered users with the role user or administrators. Any old Protonet apps are no longer supported and need to be removed.

Once installed and set up, all files stored in the local ProtoSync folder are kept in sync with your private ProtoSync folder on the Protonet box. The local ProtoSync folder resides directly in the users directory and is added to the favorites in Windows Explorer and MacOS Finder.

The app resides in the tray in the form of a Protonet hexagon.



  • A ‘Move to ProtoSync’ has been added to  the right-click menu in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder
  • The ProtoSync folder has been added to the favorites section in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder
  • The startup time has been reduced
  • Minor bugfixes and optimzations


Current limitation

  • ProtoSync currently does not work with Protonet solutions listening to custom domains (DynDNS or TLDs) instead of addresses