SOUL 2.12


Expiry date for public links, remove users from private chats, ProtoSync – (stable/86) – 23.03.2016

Private chats with multiple users
  • People can be removed from a private chat
  • You can search specific chat partners if there are more than 12 private chats
  • If multiple messages have been sent in a single chat, it scrolls to the first unread message
  • The last active user is shown
Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-23 um 09.28.07_2
New ProtoSync App is no longer “beta”
    • The ProtoSync folder now is also seen Files App and Finder/Explorer via WebDAV and Samba-shares.
    • The old ProtoSync functionality has been removed: Only the new ProtoSync App can be used now.
Expiry dates for public links
  • During creation or aftwards an expiry date can be set. After this date the public link is being removed automatically.
Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-23 um 14.12.28


Further new or updated features
  • A dashed line is shown above unseen chat messages
  • A ProtoCall is causing an informational message in the stream
  • Location sharing from the Protonet Messenger app will leave a notification in the stream as well
  • On touch devices a button is provided to send messages
    Note: This is going to be removed again in next SOUL update, since we found this hinders users with touch devices and keyboards connected to type fluently
  • A group without any widgets now shows a nicer preview image
  • ProtoSync folder can be used via Files App and in Finder/Explorer via WebDAV and Samba connections
  • Quick access buttons are shown in group folders and and todo lists chats
  • Lists and URL’s in user profile notes are being auto formatted
  • The “People” icon in the navigation has been changed to a small link that is only visible when the navigation is expanded
  • We combined the “System settings” and “My settings” link in the navigation to one “Settings” link
  • Folder and todo lists now show a quick access link to the actual content
  • The background photo on the logged in page by default is showing either a maya or carla, depending on the box type
  • No preview for a posted URL is shown, in case there is no description or image available
  • Chrome: If someone tries starts or receives a ProtoCall via http en error message is shown, that a https-connections is needed (Why? Chrome no longer allows unencrypted access to microphone and webcam)



  • Any known issues regarding the ProtoCall (video chat) feature could be fixed, especially between different browsers and geographical locations
  • When adding a user to a group, the checkbox for removing them does now appear at once. A browser reload isn’t needed anymore.
  • Restoring a group out of the trash restores any data again – except the widgets
  • Users with the role administrator or user are able to find all users again
  • New registered users now see the public volumes immediately again
  • Making a volume to public does create the links immediately again
  • Show unicode emojies instead of :shortname: notation in desktop notifications
  • If thumbnail creation for specific embed images / favicons fails it cannot longer block the complete chat stream