ProtoSync 1.2.x



  • From now on you will find the configuration file stored in your user profile. After ProtoSync update or app deletion there is no longer a need to refill any login information.
    Via “Reset configuration” you can still change any server oder user information.
  • You can use ProtoSync with Protonet servers listening to own web addresses (instead of a


Requirements, for using the ProtoSync App with a server listening to a custom domain

  • A valid SSL-certificat needs to be deployed on the Protonet server
  • Configure your internet router or similar devices in a way, that the Protonet server can be reached via port 80 and 443.
    • Explanation: ProtoSync App creates an SSH tunnel to the server and any data will be transferred through this tunnel
    • Note: Unencrypted browser requests reaching the Protonet server via http:// will be automatically forwarded to https://


ProtoSync 1.2.1

  • A problem that hinders ProtoSync to properly sync with SOUL Live has been resolved