No emails from yesterday German noon to today


Dear server owners and users,

it is part of our solution, that emails are being sent in various circumstances like inviting new users, @-mentions, private messages to users not being online, password resets, …

Due to a misconfiguration of the mail service responsible, these emails have not been sent between June, 8th, 12:43:19 and June, 9th, 14:32:58. This should not have happened and we would like to apologize for this matter.

Currently there is no mechanism to repeat sending the emails from during this outage. This is something we especially would like to say sorry for. Please inform your contacts if they should have received email notifications during this timeframe.

One thing we learned from this is, that we will implement a change in SOUL 2.16 which is keeping emails on your Protonet server as long as theya are not send successfully. In detail the mails are kept for 3 days.

Protonet Server, that have their own SMTP-servers configured were not affected .

Please get in touch with Support in case of any further questions.

Best regards

Martin Meier, Operations & Micha Weber, Head of Support