SOUL 2.16


Delete users, leave private messages (stable/1267) – 27.06.2016


Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 14.51.18 SOUL users can be deleted

  • Delete users from their user profile
  • You cannot undo the user deletion!
  • Any objects and messages created by this user are being kept
Leave private messages

Private chats you had with a single or multiple persons can be left now.

If you are put back into the communication a new chat is started. You cannot move back into the same chat.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 14.50.55


Overall changes & fixes

  • Within the search results you won’t find any more files, not yet fully being uploaded within chats
  • If there are many files in the trash, these are being shown quicker now
  • The process of sending emails in case of issues on the server or mailserver has been improved
  • The gear for the group settings is only shown on the group main page
  • “Show chat attachments” is no longer hidden under options
  • Sorting of files in preview in gallery view


Optimizations & fixes on new Carlas with SOUL runing on CoreOS 

  • After backup restore the status is shown correctly
  • Server with frozen services automatically restart after 30 minutes
  • In case of connection errors during the update process, server reboots with old version
  • New commandline tool test-everything provides an overview of hardware and status
  • IPMI has been deactivated


Known issues on new Carlas with SOUL runing on CoreOS 

  • Downloading huge files is failing from time to time
  • self_destruct might need to be executed multiple times
  • Changes to files and forders are not shown at once via Samba in Finder/Explorer
    Workaround: Use WebDAV with internal IP address and unencrypted. Example: