SOUL 2.20.1 – stable/101


Soul 2.20.1 – Bugfixes (stable/101) – 15.02.2017

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This update is exclusively available for Protonet servers with SOUL version Stable /47 -100

You can check your SOUL version in SOUL on the Help page in the yellow box. The following information does not apply to servers with version soul3/1xxx.


News / Bugfixes

  • The crashes of the backup in the version Stable / 99 have been fixed.
  • The error after updating of servers still running a very old SOUL version (over 2 years old) has been fixed.
  • An issue regarding stable/99 cannot be upgraded has been fixed.


If you cannot update from stable / 99 as usual (red error message “We’re sorry, but something went wrong”), you can run the update directly from the Linux console.

How to access the Linux console is being explained here: COMMAND LINE/SSH ACCESS TO THE PROTONET SERVER

After successful login to the command line level, copy the following command chain completely and then insert it in the command window:

rm -rf /tmp/protonet_installer && mkdir -p /tmp/protonet_installer && cd /tmp/protonet_installer && curl -s | tar xvfz - && /tmp/protonet_installer/

Then press the Enter key.

There is nothing more for you to do. This is what will happen at the beginning of the update:

At the end, the following messages will be displayed and the connection to the server will be closed:

Now the server is restarting automatically to load the updated system.

Usually the entire process takes approximately 15 minutes, until SOUL is available again.