SOUL 2.26 – Daily Digests


Daily Digests (stable/110) – 02.05.2018

Daily Digests – Start the day well informed.

From now on, every morning at 7 o’clock, you can activate a daily report that gives you an overview of what happened the day before in Protonet SOUL.

Of course, you can still be notified immediately via private messages, mentions and appointment reminders. Under ‘Settings -> Notifications’ you can decide which of the options best supports you in your daily business. Appointment reminders can now be individually selected or deselected.

Further improvements

Work even more effectively with tasks and delimiters

Tasks can now also be moved to other separators via their header. Thus, tasks can easily be given a new status, added to a different priority or to a new project phase, depending on what kind of delimiters the task list was structured with.

Here is an example from our own server showing the subdivisions of the task list for this SOUL version:

  • The design of the dividers between the tasks has been renewed, so that they jump to the eye even better. Thus, phases, states, priorities, etc. of the individual tasks can be recognized at a glance.
  • When closed or archived tasks are displayed, they are now also separated by a divider from the active tasks. By clicking on the separator, these tasks can then be easily closed again
  • The ‘+’ symbol at the end of the line not only creates a separator on this place, but also allows a task to be inserted:

Update of the Messenger App

We released a new version of the Messenger app for iOS and Android this week. It contains some improvements, for example regarding the speed and troubleshooting of the first login of new users as well as the login of LDAP users

Simpler analysis in case of errors thanks to the new “Error & Performance Monitoring”

This new functionality within the system settings allows for faster error analysis.

Performance and error monitoring is turned off by default, but upon activation in consultation with the Protonet team, it will provide SOUL performance and error data. With this information, in the case of e.g. unexpectedly slow or erroneous functions, the Protonet developers are given the opportunity to analyze errors on the server and fix them.

Please modify these settings exclusively in consultation with us.

For customers who use our on-premise solution on their own servers, it is possible to send fail monitoring to their own server and to monitor errors themselves. Please contact us in this case.

Bug fixes

  • Moving a task no longer leads to the ‘@-notification’ function becoming unavailable
  • Moving a task works properly now. The task lands on the intended place and not one place underneath.
  • If a sub-task (checklist entry) is moved, this now also leads to a notification on the newsfeed.
  • Memory usage for private chats has been optimized.
  • Various cosmetic design adjustments have been made, such as the correction of distances between individual objects.


Prerequisite for this update is an active SOUL+ contract and a Protonet server with SOUL version stable /xxx. You will see the version after logging into your SOUL on the help page. 


During the selection of the improvements on this update, we have closely followed your feedback, which we received in the form of feature requests, forum posts, and support tickets.

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