SOUL 2.27 – Notification Stream


Soul 2.27 – Smart Notifications and more.

Prerequisite for this update is an active SOUL+ contract and a Protonet server with SOUL version stable /xxx. You will see the version after logging into your SOUL on the help page. 


In the selection of the improvements in this update, we have closely followed our customer feedback, which we received in the form of feature requests, forum posts, and support tickets. In this update, besides a number of improvements and bugfixes, we have dedicated ourselves to the notification stream – which became its biggest update so far.

New features and improvements on the notification stream:

  • We know that many of you use the notification stream as the start of your workday. To make it work as well as possible, we completely rethought the notification stream and added the following functions
  • a new, better-structured notification list with more details about the actual object in question
  • AND: the new snoozing functionality! This finally makes it possible to “snooze” objects from the notification stream to arbitrary periods – in other words, postpone them! Just got a message that is important but not urgent? Just postpone to the desired time and it magically pops up again when the time comes! As a result, no task is lost, and the inbox stays clean ;).
  • a new list of Notifications filtered by @ tags, now finally at a glance it can be seen, where you were tagged and which notifications are general notifications


  • a direct built-in search that allows immediate retrieval of objects in the notification stream

Other changes and improvements: 

  • it is now possible to turn off notifications for private chats, which is especially useful for users who want to keep track of private chats but do not need a notification for each message
  • the “Deadline reached” section now only shows users who actually have tasks with deadlines reached
  • when linking tasks, the left section jumps to the corresponding task
  • For administrators, there is now a new comprehensive diagnostics page for the message system
  • Email alerts now have meaningful titles
  • Performance improvements for user updates
  • Performance improvements and better notification object archiving capabilities
  • Improvement of memory usage, RAM and CPU Dependent performance setting for
  • a number of bugfixes for the Daily Digests


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