SOUL 2.28 – Breakout Pattern: 

Prerequisite for this update is an active SOUL+ contract and a Protonet server with SOUL version stable /xxx. You will see the version after logging into your SOUL on the help page. 



In the selection of the improvements in this update, we have closely followed our customer feedback, which we received in the form of feature requests, forum posts, and support tickets.

The Breakout Function:

As you can see in SOUL, there is now a new icon in many places:

This icon allows “breaking out” many SOUL objects. In other words, the object then opens in a separate window, allowing you to keep an eye on your most important objects.

These are some of the objects that can be released with this update via breakout function:

  • The group dashboard
  • To-do lists – and also tasks – allows concentrated work on specific task lists
  • Private messages
  • Group chat
  • Topics
  • Notes

This functionality allows for several work-flow improvements:

  • For example, the “Group Dashboard” breakout allows you to create dashboards that are e.g. run in the team room on a separate screen to keep the team in the picture about all relevant parameters.
  • The task list breakout allows you to focus on core tasks without constantly having to switch back and forth between other objects.
  • The “private messages” break out allow accordingly to keep a separate window for the private messages open – which facilitates the work, especially for users who work much over this communication function.


Other changes and improvements:

  • We have equipped the notification stream with a new “History” tab, in this are the last breakout objects are logged, we are currently testing this function as a first step towards “favorites”.


  • Snoozed objects are now be displayed with their original date when they pop-up again.
  • Slight adjustments in the translations – We corrected some typos and mistranslations.
  • Automatic adjustment of the background services to machine size (i.e. a little Maya uses less memory than a large Carla or an even larger on-premise installation)
  • General performance improvements and better handling of error cases
  • API extensions for third party services and the new SOUL Mobileapp (under development)


We hope you enjoy these changes and, as always, we welcome your feedback and feature requests that you can submit or vote for here!


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