SOUL 2.9


Group dashboards, Widgets – (stable/77-80) – 16.10.2015

Before the update it is essential to observe the following:

SOUL 2.9 changes the start page of each group irrevocably – the 3 latest topics, tasks, … are no longer displayed there. Instead, as explained in more detail below, our new widgets are shown. Widgets for “the last 3 most recent” are however only planned for one of the next updates.


 Group dashboards & Widgets*

*Widgets are additional components within a software, that enable a user to perform a function or access a service.

New: The rigid homepage of each group is replaced by a freely configurable dashboard. Here in full view. Download
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Group owners can create their own individual dashboard by adding widgets.

Widgets that can be embedded:

  • Todo lists
  • Notes
  • Events
  • Folders
  • ​External content (via SSL)
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OurVideo With a brief explanation of the widgets:SOUL 2.9: Adding Widgets, how it’s done.

You could integrate this video directly by widget on the group´s homepage to show the users of your Protonetbox the new functions 😉

Many optimizations for the daily use, for example:

Bullet points in chat by entering * or – at the beginning of the line Download
Download (3) On the registration page and on public links new users now can find

more information about PROTONET

Further optimizations

  • The search has been improved and refined. Results are now sorted by relevance.
  • When a group is duplicated, a progress bar is displayed
  • It is now clear who sent which invitation
  • New user invitation links are no longer visible to group members
  • The calendars now show the time in a darker gray
  • There is a new filter for disabled users in the People overview
  • The respective objects can now be created directly from the overview sections of the tasks, folders and notes.
  • When you move todos, the To do lists are displayed in alphabetical order
  • The design for login, registration, contact and public link sites have been optimized for mobile use.
  • New error notifications were introduced
  • SOUL Support for old Android (up to 4.3) Browser runs out with SOUL 2.9


  • Files uploaded to a folder chat no longer appear automatically in the file folder
  • For files in the chat, a toolbar is displayed when the mouse is crossed over
  • If a public link is no longer available, an error notification is displayed
  • Public links now contain a hint to show more information about PROTONET
  • Display of public links in folders is now 4-columns


  • New: Create groups and invite members
  • New: Control and create notes
  • New: Control and create topics

Troubleshooting & Improvements

  • Guests with a group ownership can now also change the name of the group and delete messages
  • Event reminders are not sent to deactivated users anymore
  • Playing video is more stable (most .mov videos now have sound) and supports more video formats. Some browsers are more tolerant (e.g., Chrome) than others (e.g., Internet Explorer)

Optimizations SOUL 2.9.1

  • Solution of an update problem that occurred under rare circumstances
  • Location share in the Messenger generate push notifications again
  • Private Chats aktualisieren sich wieder kontinuierlich

Optimizations SOUL 2.9.2

  • Optimized reboot process
  • Live update of widgets has been optimized
  • Office documents with underline in the name are now accepted via WebDAV connection.
  • User authorizations of topics are now visible also to guests again

SOUL 2.9.3

  • Architectural adjustments in SOUL 2.9 led to an error that files placed on the box and shared in chats could no longer be found.

    The affected files have now been restored to their original topmost file folder under “Restored”. The exact file path – if a file was in a subfolder – unfortunately could not be restored.

  • Via WebDAV, directories can be easily deleted again

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the update. As a consequence, we have implemented several new features and optimizations internally:

– The test system for the update of especially old SOUL versions has been revised.

– The update process has been completely renewed

  1. Eventual crashes (power failure, internet connection failure) during the update process are now even better counteracted, so that boxes can no longer start with incorrect version states.
  2. Connection problems during the update process are prevented more effectively
  3. An additional update server has been deployed to provide better availability.