SOUL 2.8


Drag & Drop, Private Events – (stable/75) – 25.08.2015


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  • New: Todos can be Reordered by drag & Drop.
  • “Due today” was replaced by “Deadline reached” and also shows the tasks whose deadline has already expired.
  • Recently completed todos are displayed first, then the next in order of closure.
  • New: Private events can be created via the calendar view (users and administrators).

    These are shown in different colors as group events and can be subsequently moved into groups via their options.

  • The week view is the new default for the calendar.



  • New: The groups in focus on the start page can be organized by drag & Drop.
  • The group list under “My Settings” is sorted alphabetically.
  • If only up to 4 groups exist, the whole group list is displayed everywhere (instead of only the ones selected into the focus).

Private objects

  • New: Guests can no longer create private objects.

    Already existing private objects are transferred to the guest´s groups. Example: “Private To-do list of jane.sample” and/or “Private Notes of john.sample”.

  • New: Private objects (notes, events, …) can be moved to groups.
  • Private objects are marked with a small tag “private”.

System Settings

  • New: Box owners (or SOUL administrators) can determine the logo displayed in e-mails.
  • Neu: We now support real person names as box names. These are also displayed in the browser title and in emails as sender. The simultaneous use as WLAN names is retained.
  • Reboot after renaming box is not necessary anymore
  • With a self-configured SMTP-Smarthost ,a separate sender address can be stored instead of (in/etc /protonet/mail/smtp/sender).

Messenger (iOS)

  • Apple’s politically correct Emojies can now be sent without errors via the iOS app. These are, however, reproduced in the standard skin color (yellow), so that an equivalent emoticon can also be displayed on non-Apple devices.


  • New: Texts can now be crossed out.
  • Problems with the archiving function have been fixed.
  • The title is now printed also.
  • The cursor now jumps automatically to the note field when opening a note.
  • When cloning groups, the notes are now copied also.
  • Various small adjustments and optimizations.


  • When a user is reactivated, he can directly access all areas, including files.
  • In the recycle bin is now displayed, who erased which volume.
  • Preview of complex PDF’s (blueprints, etc.) are no longer an overload on the system.
  • Registration: Password error message if the password is too short(> 8 characters) Appears again.
  • The name resolution test in box status and setup wizard has been optimized.
  • Administrators receive a notification in SOUL when a new update is available (weekly check). Originally part of SOUL 2.4.