SOUL 2.7


Notes, own mailserver, connection diagnostics – (stable/73) – 09.07.2015

New: The Protonet notes beta

They had established themselves as an essential tool internally at Protonet, already back then, when they were much more rudimentary in their range of functions. We do not want to deprive you of them anymore – the first version of the Protonet notes. Neatly refurbished, they are now available to you in a beta version with SOUL 2.7.*

Share notes in groups or create them privately – that’s what the new Protonet notes enable you to do.

The resulting text can be simply formatted and thus clearly structured.

  • When editing notes, common keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl/Cmd + C, Ctrl/Cmd + B, … can be used.
  • If a note is currently being edited, it is automatically locked for other users.

*During the Beta-Phase we are collecting feedback about (known) problems with the notes in Beta-Category of the forum.


New: Configuration of a self-selected SMTP server

With the goal of becoming even more independent, it is now possible to create a separate mail output server (SMTP) on the box, over which all outgoing mails will be send to the users

The correct configuration requires some IT knowledge and is done through the Linux console, the correspondentinstructions can be found here


Optimization: New box status for connection problems

Download (1)


Optimization: Setup Wizard detects connection problems

Download (2)

The optimized setup wizard automatically checks for typical error sources and points them out when necessary.

The reports enable more independence for our customers in the troubleshooting process and faster fault diagnosis for IT staff.

Solved problems:

  • Permissions and views of former group owners have been corrected
  • A more meaningful error message appears when attempting to duplicate test groups with characters that are no longer allowed
  • Deleted network drive data is correctly deleted from the Recycle Bin
  • Self_destruction works on Carla / Carlita and Maya 2TB
  • Input field for group name remains visible, ifnot allowed characters  are used